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SIPs System

Structurally Insulated Panel system (SIPs) technology is the contemporary method of timber frame construction methods.

The Code for Sustainable Homes, together with revised Building Regulations/Standards, is demanding much higher levels of energy efficiency, therefore challenging traditional construction methods and forcing people to look at alternative ways of meeting those requirements economically.


Kingspan TEK Delivery Partner

Kingspan TEK® is a Structural Insulated Panel (SIPs) construction system, based on a traditional timber frame but using SIPs technology with insulated panels which are connected using a unique jointing system.

The Kingspan TEK® Building System is recognised by many of the leading building warrantee providers such as Building Life Plans, NHBC, Homebond and Zurich Municipal. It also holds a British Board of Agreement (BBA) Certification.

Delivery Partner

Ovolo Interiors Ltd is a Delivery Partner of the Kingspan Group TEK® Building System. This means that Ovolo Interiors Ltd have been selected to act on behalf of Kingspan to promote, purchase, design and erect their product and system whilst working in accordance with the BBA certificate and manufacturers recommendations. Ovolo also offer internal stud partition walls, in addition to internal structural walls, which may be needed to meet with individual design specifications and engineering requirements.

We can also assist you with obtaining Planning and Building Regulations consent whether or not this is in conjunction with an Ovolo Interiors Ltd construction.

Ovolo Interiors Ltd also work alongside Architects and Designers where the Kingspan TEK® Building System is required and we invite all those interested in using this system to contact us for further information.